Boom boom boom, let's go back to my room...

You in search of that Christmas gift someone just cannot live without? Tim and I have found it for you. While we were wasting precious time last night surfing Amazon.com, we came across an item that was priceless in that it brought joy to our lives. That is, we laughed so hard, we squealed.

I had, just moments before, been lamenting the fact that I am a lazy bum. I have not been able to get myself out of bed in the mornings to get to the gym and work off the chocolate, fried foods, snacks, etc., that have made their way to my thighs and midsection recently.

Then Tim saw it. Right there, on the screen. The answer to all my problems. The Sonic Boom Alarm Clock. For only $32.95 (and it ships for free with Super Saver Shipping!!) you can get this amazing device that comes complete with a 113 decibel adjustable tone and volume control AND, if that weren’t incredible enough, it also has a 12 volt BED SHAKER! (Some versions call it a vibrator. But maybe we’re not talking about the same thing, in that situation.)

You’d never hit snooze again! You’d never have to purposefully move your clock all the way ‘cross the room so you’d have to get up and trudge so far to hit it that you’d be wide awake (and cranky and, let's be honest, still wouldn't get on your spandex and drive to the gym).

This thing is, in loudness terms, somewhere between a football crowd and your average gunshot!

I want it. It’s the key to my diet and physical fitness success. I’m just not sure how our windows would hold up.

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