The "S" Word? Snarky? Snippy? Sleepy?

Someone just called me the "s" word. I'm not. I'm really not a slacker. I honestly have a completely legitimate reason for the sporadic blogging, the lack of posted photos related to the most recent festive holiday, the fact that I'm a bad Obama-ite (I haven't knocked on one door, never made one phone call).

I've just been running non-stop for days and days. I worked all day yesterday and today which, if you do the math, means I will be working 12 days in a row. And during those 12 days I will have attended at least two parties, won first prize in a Halloween costume contest, had dinner guests over for homemade pizza, taken my kid trick-or-treating, baked pumpkin bars, found a new psychiatrist, gotten a flu shot, attended week 5 of a 6-week class at church, somehow managed to get to the gym almost daily, planned a 5-year-old's birthday party, signed up for 2009 benefits from work, made my Christmas list, elected a brilliant new president (cross fingers, knock on wood, pray to whatever higher power's out there listening), and baked "Watergate Cake with Cover-up Frosting" for Tuesday night's election-return celebration.

But hey, it's all good. I'm all caught up now, you know, what with that whole extra hour we gained this morning.

At some point, Tim will take a picture of me in my winning costume. It might be Valentine's Day when I finally post it, but I will get it up eventually. Those of you who want to see Henry's Dash-of-the-Incredibles costume will have to wait, too, because the pictures have been embargoed until relatives get image-related gifts later this year.

You in the blogosphere aren't the only ones being neglected by me. My kid and husband barely see me. My knitting sits untouched on the coffee table. My Facebook status goes an entire day or more with no updates.

You'll have to excuse me. My time here is up. I have an appointment...with some flannel jammies and a soft, fluffy pillow.

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