Public Service Announcement

In the interest of the public good, I'd like to direct your attention to a lovely little story for the holidays over at CNN.com.

It's a little something they like to call:

How to Survive Thanksgiving with Family

In case you don't have time to read the whole article (and, because it's a topic loaded with twists and turns and drama galore, it's quite a long scroll), here are the story highlights.

• Economic anxieties might add stress on families during holiday
• Discussing problems at the table might be a good brainstorming session
• Don't always avoid political conversations; they might make for better understanding
• Deflect questions about personal life without getting snippy


• Don't bitch when your guests bring a $3 bottle of wine, then proceed to open your $25 bottle and chug it down like it's Uncle Cletus's homebrew.
• Ask others at the table what kind of second or third jobs they're considering taking on to help pay the mortgage. It's quite a conversation starter.
• It's a joy to finally be able to talk politics because YOUR SIDE finally WON!!! Not that we'd rub it in or anything.
• When that certain someone starts asking when you're getting married or having a baby or tucking that tummy, respond with a smile and without clenching your teeth. Your vein in your forehead protrudes and pulsates when you clench. It's just not attractive.

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