I meant to do that

Not a lot of fanfare about the 5k I did this morning. Mostly because I hadn't actually been running since...THE ACCIDENT. Luckily, it was only 30 degrees this morning, so I had to wear pants instead of shorts, covering up my knee that is 16 shades of black and blue and all kinds of flaming red with crusty scabs. And I ditched my wrist brace Friday (luckily you don't have to make a fist or grip a pen to run).

I ended up running partway, walking partway, and coming across the finish line in 46 minutes -- only about 10 minutes slower than I usually run a 5k. Which I suppose shows you just how slow a runner I am.

The most frustrating part of the run was the course itself. I'm used to running on a flat, asphalt-paved trail or an even flatter treadmill. Remember the last time I ran an uneven surface? This time, it wasn't a cracked sidewalk that presented peril, but a lumpy, mole-hole-covered cross-country course. Other than a couple rather ungraceful bobbles when nobody but the couple of fellow slow people behind me saw, I managed to stay upright.

The best part about the race was that it was a fund-raiser for Girls on the Run Johnson County, a chapter of a national association dedicated to building self-esteem and promoting healthy exercise habits in young girls. I think next year I'll plan to "adopt" a young running buddy.

If nothing else, it will show the girl that even a klutz can finish a race.

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