I just experienced a beautiful bit of spontaneity -- complete with acoustic guitar and vocals by a fedora-clad guy who looks like a cross between Jake Gyllenhaal and Adam Carolla.

Late last night, my friend Nikki comments on my blog post about singer-songwriter Joshua Radin. She, too, is a casual fan. Then she casually adds that Joshua just happens to be scheduled to play at The Picador in Iowa City on Wednesday...and would I like to go, she wonders.

Whoa. A musician who hit the big time after being discovered by Scrubs star Zach Braff...who played at Ellen Degeneres's wedding...who has toured with Sheryl Crow...would stoop to play a dank, college-town hole-in-the-wall for a hundred or so people? The dive that is typically home to such stunning acts as Psychedelic Horsesh*t, F**ked Up, and Kickass Tarantulas?

You betcha. I felt privileged to be there. And Joshua had the greatest compliment for the audience: "You guys have been great to play for. You actually listen."

Who wouldn't listen? He's approaching brilliant, from a musical talent standpoint. Plus he's just adorable, especially with the cold he said he was fighting off "by drinkin' a little whiskey" and his quiet "thank you" after every song, accompanied by a cheshire cat smile that Nikki described as how Joey on Friends sounded every time he gave a girl that look and asked, "How you doin'?"

I plan to download everything Radin from iTunes tomorrow. For now, I'll post another video (the video stinks, but the music's all that matters). This is dedicated to Nik -- thanks for the heads up on his appearance and I'm bummed, too, that he didn't play your song! Here you go!

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Nik said...

you are wonderful! I'm glad we went. And we must go next year if he makes a 3rd trip yo IC.