Fright Night '08

Usually, the most exciting thing that happens for me on Halloween night is turning off the porch light early, while I still have some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups left.

I mean, other than watching my adorable child wander the dark neighborhoods in a furry animal suit begging for enough sugar to make a sweet fairy princess comatose. That's always a treat. (The trick comes when you try to put said child to sleep.)

However, it's looking like I might actually have something to do this year on Halloween. In fact, I might have an all-day party extravaganza. We're having a potluck and other festivities at work. And our family also has been invited to a ghoulish little get-together with some friends.

Which means I'll probably have to break down and get a costume.

I always hated Halloween for this reason. I could never come up with an extraordinary get-up, just the right combination of class, humor, and timeliness. If only I looked like Sarah Palin (or Tina Fey dressing like Palin). I suppose I could wear blaze orange and carry a moose on my back. There's the funnies going around the Internet about the guy who's going as a 401k statement -- because there's...er...not much scarier than that!

What to do? What to do!?!

I actually have a Utah-inspired idea that I always wanted to do while we lived out West, but I thought some of our associates there might not find it funny. Maybe no one here would even get it. It has nothing to do with polygamists (although if enough of my female friends have no better ideas, Tim might have himself a costume idea, too) or Jesus or decaffeinated coffee (talk about scary). At least not directly.

I do know we're not following along with our son, who is Dash from The Incredibles this year. They do not make a superheroine body suit to hide my various and numerous flaws. Elastigirl, I'm not. Maybe Bubble Wrap Girl, I could pull off.

I'm going to continue to toss ideas around in my head. If you have any inspired notions, lemme know.

I might end up resorting to one of these...


Mary said...

a friend of mine once took a bunch of old (possibly non-functional) watches, attached them to her belt and was "a 'waist' of time." Easy, clever, and you can essentially wear normal clothes. My idea of a great costume!

AnneR said...

Or just wear bluejeans and a black shirt--go as a black and blue bruise!