Desperate times call for desperate actions

My husband has made a solemn vow.

Oh, forget that business about until death do us part. Richer and poorer, sickness and health. No, I'm talking something really HUGE!

Tim says he will not shave until we elect a democrat to the presidency. I asked whether he meant he would shave on election night or wait until inauguration day in January. He said I might be getting a scosh ahead of myself.

Someone in his office said he'd better be careful, or he'd be looking downright Talibani in a few years.

Actually, I think he's just using this election as a cover to chuck the razor, buy a wardrobe of flannel from Eddie Bauer and embrace his inner Paul Bunyan. I hope I'm not the blue ox in this scenario.

Please don't let this be a Halloween costume idea...

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Anonymous said...

Where did Maggie get her devilishly cute costume?!