A couple bovine-related bits

Henry shared with us the latest discovery on his path to finding a sense of humor:

Q: What do cows do for fun?

A: They go to the mooooooovies! (and then, for 20 minutes after, we get to hear him moooooing hysterically)


On Friday evening, as Henry was eating dinner, we started discussing where meat comes from. Here's how it went.

Henry: So does the meat grow in their tummy and then we get it that way?

Mommy: Not exactly, no. What happens is farmers raise the cows until they get really big, then ... uh, we, uh... (ok, so I stumbled for a bit, then decided there was no way to sugar-coat it and was totally honest with him) then they go to a place where they are killed and cut up and sent to the store where we buy it and cook it and eat it.

Henry: (Speechless, screwing up his face and, for a brief moment, turning slightly green)

Mommy: Are you OK? Does that bother you? I know it sounds kind of gross and mean. Do you want to be a vegetarian now?

Henry: (Still scrunching up his nose) Well, NO. I like meat. It's goooooood.


Tom said...

Great story!! Way too cute!!

Brianne said...

LOL LOL LOL LOL that's just too funny - reminds me of the Friends episode when Rachel made a trifle with beef. Then at the end Joey was all, "What's not to like? Fruit? Gooooood. Cream? Gooood. Beef? GOOOOOD!"