Stuff you learn when you go to MY church

What I knew about Paul Newman before church this morning:

He was a highly respected actor, film director, humanitarian, political activist, and obsessed with auto racing. He'd won a boatload of awards, including an Oscar, some Golden Globes, and an Emmy. He may have had the longest-running successful marriage in the history of Hollywood, to fellow actor Joanne Woodward (something like 50 years...no kidding). He made a pretty damn tasty line of foods -- my personal favorites were the peach salsa and the black bean and corn dip -- and in the process donated all profits and royalties to charity (I just looked it up; as of May of last year, the donations exceeded $220 million). And he passed away Friday at the age of 83.

What I didn't realize until our minister pointed it out:

Paul Newman was a longtime member of the Unitarian Universalist Society.

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