Some things money can't buy

Temp wage per hour for making copies and sorting files...$10

Retail price for the third book in the Twilight saga that I bought today, even though I couldn't afford it...$19.99

Lowest listed suggested contribution to The Democratic Party listed on the party Web site...$25

Estimated price of the earrings Cindy Lou-Who McCain wore on Tuesday night...$280,000.

The fact that, after passing her background check (whew!), Amy just officially received and accepted a full-time job offer...priceless!

Hello cable TV! Hello paying down the principal on the mortgage! Hello campaign contribution??! I start Sept. 15. One more week of freedom's pretty priceless, too.

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Chilly Dog said...

Amy, you should have gone into the beer business so that you could dress like these Republicans. I wonder if the average Bud drinker knows that he is funding these fancy clothes.

Chilly Dog