So I'm not a Lawn-Boy

Recent phone conversation:

Amy: Guess what I just did for you?

Tim: What?

Amy (With overflowing pride and excitement in her voice): I mowed the lawn!!!!

Very long pause.

Tim: Did you catch the clippings?

Amy: Uh, no.

Tim: Well, did you put the plug back in?

Amy: What plug?

Tim: The one you put in when you don't catch the clippings.

Amy (becoming ever-so-less excited): Uh, no. But hey...I mowed the lawn for you!

Equally long pause.

Tim: Yeah. Thanks. Lucky you didn't cut your foot off.


Tim said...

I don't think you're being quite fair with me there...

Amy said...

He's right. I'm not being fair. But it was more amusing this way.

scoodog said...

Amy, for not being fair with Tim, you should make it up to him by going out and getting him a brand-spankin-new iPod touch. Just be sure to get the 2nd-generation one.


Amy said...

Tom you are not at all helpful...