The first day's the last day I'm talking about it

We all survived the day. No one puked.

But I'm ready to collapse. I'm all HR'd out. My new coworkers made me feel right at home. And I have a mentor! (Nevermind that she's something like half my age...)

I'm making a concerted effort to NOT write about work on my blog. If you'd like me to rant and rave incessantly about what I do during my weekdays, email me and I'll provide you more details. If you asked me right now, I'd be able to tell you the company's core values (maybe), how many vacation days I get a year (not many), and how's the clam chowder at the sports bar up the road (very clammy, in a good way). I'm up to my neck in paperwork and benefits enrollment and relearning how to use a PC. I might get to do actual copyediting work by the end of the week.

But like I said, NOT going to write about it here from now on.

I am taking requests for topics you think I should touch upon. Sort of a piano-bar, I-take-requests, stump-the-bloggirl situation. Send your ideas my way. My brain's all used up on remembering the passwords to the 173 different programs and Web sites I will use on a daily basis and successfully navigating cubicle-world (I only got lost twice trying to find the bathroom this afternoon...yay for me).

Also, you should be forewarned. My copy of Breaking Dawn is scheduled to be delivered to my home on Friday. My free time will be occupied for a couple days after.

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scoodog said...

Glad to hear the first day went well!!