Bad karma for politically incorrect name, maybe?

Chiefs fans everywhere are bitching and moaning again, after the first regular season game. Oh woe is us, we once again have a dismal season to look forward to, why-oh-why can't we find us a quarterback, and so on.

However, I think we should be proud. I think the NFL should celebrate us. Indeed, I believe that the Chiefs are the unsung heroes of 2008.

After all, they took out pro football darling and star quarterback of the New England Patriots Tom Brady. Not just for the game. People are speculating about a season-ending ACL injury.

Not that I am wishing Brady ill, and I'm in no way saying the Chiefs purposefully whacked his knee (this is football people, not figure skating, call Tonya if you're looking for THAT kind of business) but I'm betting there were sports fans across the nation who did a little end-zone dance when they heard the news.

Even though the Pats were playing with their backup, we still lost the game. What does it say about your team's highlight reel when the best thing you did in the game is accidentally fall into someone?

Well, there's always next year.

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Chilly Dog said...

They wont win the Super Bowl, but they may have taken out the best in the sport. Kinda of like the Ralph Nadar of football.

Chilly Dog